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Nutrition Coaching

BESPOKE nutrition coaching provides evidence-based guidance to those seeking to
improve body composition, athletic performance, and health. Our coaching provides the knowhow and ability to provide nutrition coaching to a variety of clients with differing
goals. Our knowledge and skill base is up to date and is focused on giving you the very best client care.

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Customized coaching

Nutrition coaching starts with individual goals.  Each client will have a different experience based on those goals.  Although, the ultimate outcome is to provide coaching that will establish life-long habits to properly nourish your body. 

Focus on locally sourced

At BESPOKE, we have a great community connection.  We like to pair with other local groups and businesses.  One of those connections is The Stonington Farmer's Market that takes place every Saturday from 9 AM - 12 PM at the Velvet Mill in The Stonington Borough.  Our nutrition coaching places an emphasis on the importance of eating locally sourced foods along with foods that are produced in the healthiest ways.

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