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Our Clients Say


"Any of us who took swimming lessons in the 1960s, competed on school teams in the 1970s, and found our way to triathlons in the 80s are in for a jolt AND a treat: swimming ain't what it used to be!


Dave gets it, gets us: he knows that many of us have put in thousands and thousands and thousands of laps over our years, executing to the best of our ability the strokes we were taught, the techniques we were taught. The bad news is that the strokes we learned are not the strongest or most efficient; the good news is that Dave has, in his 4+ decades of collegiate coaching atop his own competitive years of swimming, kept up with all of the sports physiology and stroke study, and is a thoughtful, fun, encouraging instructor.


In a matter of mere weeks, I felt my freestyle go from pretty to  powerful, my approach to water workouts go from rote to deliberate, my love for swimming go from a lifelong constant to an inspired pursuit.


Thanks, big big, to Jen for bringing this program to BESPOKE, and to Dave for his generous sharing of expertise and good cheer."

Sally Knight, multi-sport athlete

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